Spinal trauma fixations

Fast facts on spinal trauma fixations:

  • Spinal trauma means injury to spinal column making it inadequate to support normal loading.
  • Can also be associated with spinal cord injury causing paralysis.
  • Treatment is by fixing the spine with rods and screws and removing compression on spinal cord.
  • After spinal fixation, patients can resume normal load bearing and slowly get back to normal function.

25 year old male with L1 burst fracture after fall from height. No neurology. Was operated with T12-L2 fixation. Back to walking next day

40 year old male with C3-4 traumatic slip with partial paralysis after fall from height. Urgently operated after traction reduction and fixed from front and back. Complete recovery of muscle strength and back to normal life after 12 weeks of rehabilitation

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Minimally invasive spine fellowship (Dortmund, Germany)
Ex spine consultant, Queen’s Medical Centre (UK)

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