Kyphosis Correction

Fast facts on kyphosis correction:

  • Kyphosis is front to back angulation of spine.
  • Focal kyphosis results in a localised deformity which can cause local pain, unsightly appearance and rarely neurological deficits
  • Global kyphosis (Scheuermann’s disease) in teenagers is a common presentation
  • Surgical treatment aims at correcting the deformity within safety limits and to achieve well balanced and fused spine

38 year old laborer with previous history of trauma to spine and persistent pain due to focal kyphosis. MRI showed herniated disc fragment and chronic non-union. He was operated with placement of cage through costotransversectomy and screw fixation. He achieved solid fusion and was back to heavy manual labor after 6 months

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Minimally invasive spine fellowship (Dortmund, Germany)
Ex spine consultant, Queen’s Medical Centre (UK)

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